The Yellow Grumichama are a little less acidic and a bit sweeter than the black variety.The Grumichama grows very similar to a standard cherry and looks very similar as well .They have a sweet taste with a touch of acidity and are aslo similar to a grape in texture.They are very juicy and are very thirst quenching.They normally fruit twice a year and the trees get covered in magnificent white flowers which take around 6 weeks to become edible cherries.They also can be pruned into a fruiting hedge.They are a slender tree so they grow well in pots and wont take up too much space in your garden .

Grumichama Tree (Yellow) 2 years old

  • The grumichama is a tropical/subtropical fruit tree that prefers partial shade but will produce fruit in full sun. when mature enough. Fruit production is best when watered well ; supplemental irrigation can be used where rainfall is lower. The tree prefers deep sandy loam but will survivein most soil types. Fruit production generally begins in the 4th year from seedling trees that are about 4 foot tall.They can deal with cold weather for short periods of  time but can be grown in pots and kept indoors or in a hothouse over winter in colder areas.