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How to look after your fruit tree

Your fruit tree will arrive potted up in a 1.8 litre poly bag

and will need to be kept in the bag for a minimum of 30 days from the delivery date.

This is so that your tree can become acclimatised to it's new environment so that when it is put in the ground it will do it's very best.

Please keep your tree in semi shade for the first 2-4 weeks and slowly bring it out into full sunlight to sun harden your tree.

When your tree arrives you can purchase some seaweed solution and some slow release fertiliser such as osmocote and use according to the specific directions.

This will help feed the plant over the next 30 days while it is still in the poly bag.

We do advise to keep your tree in the bag for a little longer than the 30 day period to make sure your fruit tree is sun hardened and used to it's new environment so it can be planted directly into the ground or in a pot in full sunlight.



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