Can we come and have a look at your nursery and pick up our fruit trees.

We are not open to the public.Our fruit trees are only available to purchase via our website

Is your website secure?

Our website is 100 % secure .We use WIX web designer which has inbuilt encryption so that we can not store or see any of your data other than your address , email and phone number which we need for your postage details.

Can I grow tropical/subtropical fruit trees if I live in a colder climate

This is a question we get asked all the time and the answer to this question is YES it is possible.

We have talked to people in N.S.W , Victoria and South Australia who have successfully grown many tropical and sub tropical fruit trees in these colder climates.

This is achieved by making micro climates in your own back yard using hot houses or planting near warm walls and using shade cloth to keep the trees warm in winter.

here is a great link below from the abc gardening program about a man who grows over 50 species of /subtropical and tropical fruit trees in Adelaide South Australia.Obviously if you live somewhere it snows it won't be possible.

Facebook page
You can like our facebook page to see pictures and updates on our fruit trees or to contact us.


Do you ship internationally?

We only post our fruit trees within Australia.

NOTE: we don't post to Western Australia  or Tasmania due to quarantine regulations



What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept paypal or direct deposit.

Paypal is a very safe way to purchase your trees as you are covered by paypals buyer policies.

If you are paying via direct deposit please send us an email and ask us for our bank details and we will email them back to you.

When paying by direct deposit please put your name as the reference so we know the payment is from you when we see it in our bank account.


How are postage charges calculated?

All of our fruit tree prices include free postage via Australia post

We can't post to Western Australia or Tasmania due to Australian quarantine laws.





How are the fruit trees packaged?

Your trees will be posted out in a strong cardboard box and will be planted in a 1.8 litre black poly bag in a soil less nursery grade potting mix.

Please check our plant care page for details on how to best to take care of your tree when it arrives.




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