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Customer Reviews

At Heaven On Earth Fruit Trees we have been delivering fruit trees around Australia for over 9 years and have made thousands of our customers very happy with their online experience purchasing fruit trees from our online store.

Our main focus is delivering quality fruit trees that are packed in quality nursery grade potting mix all around Australia every week and making our customers online shopping experience with us an easy and positive one.

We pride ourselves on our fast communication and response times to any questions our website visitors may have about our fruit trees , and are always happy to share our knowledge of fruit trees with any questions you may have.

We are very dedicated to making your experience of purchasing fruit trees from our online fruit tree store an easy and hassle free process , from our simple and secure website design all the way to delivering great quality fruit trees straight to your door.

We are always receiving great feedback from our customers for our quality fruit trees and our second to none service.

Please read our fruit tree reviews below with some great photos sent in by some of our happy customers.


We have been selling our fruit trees for over 7 years on ebay with thousands of happy customers and 100 % percent feedback rating.Here are just a few positive feedback comments from our happy customers


I received the Red Custard Apple & the Red Centre Lime in very good condition. I am Rebuilding my 2 acre garden from scratch and have bought literately thousands in plants over the last 4 months and yours have arrived in the best condition out of all of them. Well done. Kind regards Paul
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Some of our happy customers with heaven on earth fruit trees in their gardens

michelle gilby.jpg

Michelle Gilby

BASIN VIEW, New South Wales

(Red Dragon Fruit)

Every aspect of my purchase from Heaven on Earth Fruit Trees was perfect, from the search to purchase to delivery, everything was fast and effortless. I highly recommend purchasing from them and look forward to  to adding to my collection.

Natalia contreras


(Brazilian Cherry & Ice cream Bean)

“I have loved all the trees I have purchased they are packed very carefully and all look very healthy when arrived I’m very happy with all my orders thank you”

natalia careras 1.jpg
natalia contreras 2.jpg

Clare Verzosa

CORRIMAL , New South Wales

(Black Grumichama  & Acerola )

My fruit tree baby’s purchased recently.

Very happy with the quality. They were sent to Corrimal and were all in good condition with quality soil and quickly arrived.  Am looking forward to lots of fruit in the future. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future. 

clare verosa 2.jpg
clare verosa 1.jpg
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