Soursop, also known as guanabana or graviola , is an exotic fruit which is round, oval, or irregularly heart-shaped. It ranges in size from 4 to 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. It typically weighs between two to five kilos. The skin is greenish-yellow and appears rough with elongated spines growing from the fruit. The fruit's interior is creamy white in color and contains a number of seeds which are surrounded by a pocket of flesh encased by fibrous tissue. Soursop is native to the West Indies and South America but is also harvested in southeastern Asia, Australia, and Africa. The soursop tree may yield 12 to 24 fruits per tree and is limited to growing in tropical climates, as it is extremely frost sensitive.

Soursop Tree 1 years old

  • Soursops can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas.They will fruit best in high humidity areas and also high rainfall areas like North Queensland but will also grow well in other parts of Australia.