The Sapodilla fruit is round to egg-shape, around 2 - 4 inches in diameter. The skin is brown and scruffy when ripe. The flesh varies from yellow to shades of brown and sometimes reddish-brown, and may be smooth or of a granular texture. The flavor is sweet and pleasant, ranging from a pear flavor to crunchy brown sugar.The fruit can be seedless, but usually have from 3 to 12 hard, black, shiny, flattened seeds about 3/4 inch long in the center of the fruit.

Sapodilla Tree (2 years old)

  • Sapodillas are not strictly tropical and mature trees can withstand low temperatures down to -3 degrees for short periods of time.They can handle many types of soil but will do best in loam.They are a very drought resistant fruit tree but can also handle plenty of rain.They will bear fruit around 5 years.