Custard Apple: is a "Sweetsop". It is most widely cultivated of all the species of Annona, being grown widely throughout the tropicals and warmer subtropicals. It is a deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub or small tree.

Look-The red custard apple is a small deciduous or semi-evergreen tree that grows especially well in tropical and subtropical climates.They are a much tougher and resilient tree than the green varieties and can handle lots of rain and heat.The fruits have a uniform pine cone like shape and ripen to a beautiful magenta colour.The size ranges from 7 cm to 12 cm. they are very similar in shape size and taste to the green African pride.The taste is very sweet and has one of the best tasting of all the custard apples.

Custard Apple Tree Red Variety (RARE)

  • Red Custard Apple trees are deciduous so they will lose their leaves in winter. New growth and flowers appear during mid or late  spring season as the tree flushes its new vegetative growth. Fruit starts to set late spring and ripen around February March.They grow very well in wet areas and are by far the toughest custard apple variety that will handle hot cold and humidity.A great all rounder.