The miracle fruit is a small red berry which looks similar to a red coffee bean.It has a chemical in it called miraculin which causes the taste buds to make sour foods taste sweet.This means you can eat a lemon or a lime like an orange and they will taste sweet.They also change the taste of many other foods and are a great talking point for something different.
They can also be a good food for diabetics who still crave sweet foods and can use the berries to make bland foods sweeter.

Miracle Fruit / Berry Tree (2 years old)

  • The tree grows slow and is more of a shrub than a tree and can be used as a fruiting hedge.They will eventually get slightly larger but that will take around 15 - 20 years. They are a rare fruit and make a great addition to any fruit tree collection especially when space is limited. They will grow in most places but won't survive extremely cold winters.