The Ice Cream Bean tree is native to parts of South America and is grown in Warm regions all around the world.It is part of the Bean family and grows large long green pods that turn brown and drop from the tree when ripe.Inside the bean is a cotton like, looking and feeling fruit.The fruit is sweet and tastes similar to vanilla ice cream hence the name.

Ice Cream Bean Fruit Tree (2 years old)

  • The ice cream bean is a very fast growing tree that can bear fruit in 3 years.
    It is well adapted to warm  climates and can be grown well in tropical and subtropical environments and is also tolerant of some cooler temperatures.
    The ice cream bean is a very hardy and low maintenance tree that can pretty much look after itself.
    They are a natural shade tree for other light sensitive fruit tree crops and also helps improve soil fertility.
    The timber is also used in construction.