‘Big things come in small packages’. Truly, this is an apt adage for the infinite variety of fruits available to us. Fruits not only delight us with an awesome lip-smacking snack but they also offer great health benefits. One such fruit is the guava. Guavas belong to the Myrtle family and present themselves in round to oval shapes.They are a subtropical / Tropical tree but can also adapt in colder climates. Skin is green coloured and turns yellow to reddish when overripe. The flesh of most guavas is white or pinkish in colour and is normally eaten along with the rind. A distinctive feature of this fruit is that it is has hard seeds embedded in a sugary pulp. The fruit measures around 4-12cm with a fragrance comparable to that of lemon. Guavas can be eaten raw or cooked; juices and jellies can be made from them.

Guava Tree (Pink Hawaiian)

  • Guavas can be grown in many different climates but do best in warm climates.They can adapt to any soil and are also very resistant to weed sprays.They are an extremely hard tree and are the easiest fruit tree to look after.