The Grumachama grows very similar to a standard cherry and looks very similar but are darker in colour.They have
sweet taste with a touch of acidity and are also similar to a grape in texture.They are very juicy and quench the thirst.They normally fruit twice a year and the trees get covered in cherries.They also grow don't grow very wide and can be used as a fruiting hedge as well.They truly are a great fruit.

Grumichama Tree (Black) 2 years old

  • The Grumichama is a subtropical fruit tree that prefers partial shade but will produce fruit in full sun. Fruit production is best when annual rainfall is above 70 inches ; supplemental irrigation can be used where rainfall is lower. The tree prefers deep sandy lor oam but will survive shallow sandy soils given enough moisture. Fruit production generally begins in the 4th year from seedling trees that are about 4 foot tall.They can deal with cold weather for short periods of time.