The Achachairu is a small evergreen tree that grows from 5-12 m high with a pyramidal canopy.
The Leaves are deep green and glossy on top but lighter underneath.

The fruit a roundish is a small pear shaped orange or deep yellow fruit when ripe and looks similar to a loquat .The skin is thick and firm but is easy to peel and has a fleshy pearly-white texture.The taste has a nice fruit tang to it and is similar
to a purple mangosteen as the are both from the Garcinia family.

Achachairu Tree Achacha (Bolivian Mangosteen) 1 years old

  • The Achachairu is basically a tropical fruit that will only fruit in Tropical or Sub - Tropical climates where the weather doesn't get too cold for too long as they are quite sensitive to cold. This fruit is intolerant of salt and mildly tolerant to drought. It seems to prefer slightly acid, moist and well drained soil having a good micronutrient supply.