Tamarind fruit are bean-like shaped pods with a cinnamon brown to clay colored external appearance. Inside the pods, the fruit's flesh is tender, succulent and green with a highly acidic flavor when young. Its underdeveloped seeds are soft and white. As the fruit matures, the pod becomes brittle. The flesh begins to dehydrate to paste form and takes on the cinnamon appearance of the pod while also losing its acidic punch and becoming sweeter. It is at this stage of maturity that it is most often used for culinary purposes. The seeds, too change in both color and texture, becoming flat, hard and glossy brown.Tamarind paste is used in Asian cooking and adds a great flavour to curries and other Asian dishes.

Tamarind fruit tree (2 years old)

  • Tamarind is a hardwood tree known scientifically as Tamarindus indica.
    It is an evergreen tree grown in tropical and sub tropical climates all over the world.They can also be grown in many different types of soil.
    They are a legume which makes them a very hard tree and very easy to look after.