This variety of the saba / Malabar chestnut is the PACHIRA INSIGNIS.They are almost exactly the same flavour and texture as a normal chestnut and have a brown skin not stripy like the Pachira Aquatica which are softer and less like a normal chestnunt.They also have a red petal flower like the one in the photo above not like the aquatica which has a white petal flower.The leaves are also rounded on the end unlike the pachira aquatica that are pointy.These are the closest tasting to a chestnut.The white flower pachira aquatica are no where near as good as the red flower PACHIRA INSIGNIS.

The saba nut / Malabar chestnut tree originates from southern Mexico and Northern Brazil.It is a lovely evergreen tree with beautiful lush green foliage that drops great tasting nuts (very similar to the taste of a peanut )to the ground which can be collected and eaten.It is a great survival tree as they are very easy to grow and the nuts are packed with nutrition.They also have the most amazing looking flowers which when the tree is in bloom looks magnificent.

Malabar tropical chestnut (Pachira Insignis)

  • The saba nut / Malabar chestnut can be grown in tropical and subtropical climates but can also handle cold temperatures as long as they don't go on for too long.They are a largetree but can be kept pruned and are very easy to grow as they can survive in many types of soils and climates.