Key limes are also known as Mexican lime and West Indies lime. Cultivated for thousands of years in the Indo-Malayan region, this variety has long been treasured for its fruit and decorative foliage. They are smaller than the common Tahitian lime but have a distinct flavor which  makes them heavily sought after especially for dishes such as Key Lime Pie.They are also a great lime for use in drinks and cocktails.

Key limes are ripe when their rind is yellow. According to Texas A&M University, the lime will be juicy and flavorful if it is picked when the rind is yellow. This is in contrast to Tahitian or Persian limes, which are commonly sold in grocery stores and are best while their rind is still slightly green.

Key Lime Tree (Already Fruiting)

  • The Key lime tree can grow in many types of climates even in cold zones as long as they don't get frost but prefer more subtropical and subtropical regions.They are a fast growing lime but don't grow to high (around 3 to 4 metres )

    They are a very bushy growing lime with small leaves and small thorns. They are very hardy and can handle many different soil types as well as drier or very wet climates.They do however like good drainage so planted on a mound or with some sand in the mix will help them along.

    They can also be kept in large pots and kept pruned to as a small shrub so they don't grow to big.