The Java plum is a very hardy plum that can grow well in cold and tropical climates.

The plum is also know as a black plum as it's flesh is very dark in colour.They have a very sweet flavour when they are left to ripen fully.They can be picked while they are a little unripe and can be ripened in a dark area to avoid animals and birds from eating the ripe fruit.The Java plum has many health benefits and are high in antioxidants and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Java Plum Tree (Jambolan , Jamun)

  • The Java Plum tree is a fast growing tree and can be grown in full sun or semi shaded areas.They love plenty of water but don't need a lot of fertilising till they start to bear fruit so they are a very easy tree to grow and don't need a lot of maintenace as they are very tough.They will need to be pruned occasionally to keep them at a height that will make it easy to pick the fruit.