The Marsh is a sweeter variety of white grapefruit and can tolerate hot and cold climates.

The grapefruit can last on the tree a long time before being harvested without affecting the fruit quality. The best indicator of ripeness is not the peel color, but rather the weight and taste of the fruit.

The best time to harvest white grapefruits is when they have smooth, firm and shiny skin. Pick fruit that is heavy for its size. If the fruit is too soft and has dull and wrinkled skin, the fruit is overripe.

Grapefruit Tree White (Marsh) 3 years old

  • Grapefruits thrive in hot conditions. It is best to plant grapefruits in direct sunlight and in climates that experience hot summer days and nights. The heat results in higher sugars and lower acids. To increase summer heat, plant grapefruit trees against a sun-facing wall, which will reflect the heat back on to the tree.