The Cashew  originates from the Caribbean Islands and the North East of Brazil. It is grown in tropical and subtropical parts of the world and can fruit in temperate climates

It is also called as cashew apple tree; and is part of the, the same family that belongs to pistachio and mango.

Cashew nut tree

  • WARNING.The cashew nut has a caustic soda like substance (the same substance as poison ivy) inside it's outer casing which can burn through clothes and skin and if ingested can cause serious anaphylactic shock or death in some cases.There is a certain process of cooking the nut in the casing that has to be followed to the letter if you want to process the nuts yourself, or you can find someone who knows how to do it.Keep the tree away from young children and educate them on the dangers of picking the fruit.Also don't let them drop to the ground where animals may be.

  • The cashew tree is very easy to grow and tough.It can thrive in wet hot conditions but can also survive cooler conditions as well.They are quick to bear fruit which only take around 3-4 years from seed.
    They are also self fertile but will bear more fruit if two or more trees are planted close to each other.