The Acai palm is a tall, slender tree growing to a height of 15 to 25 m. The dwarf variety that we have listed only grows to around 5 to 6 metres and is a true dwarf.This makes the berries much easier to pick.
An average mature plant may possess 3-10 well-developed stems of 10-18 cm each in diameter from a single root system. It grows better in high rainfall areas but likes well drained soil. Each stem behaves like an individual tree and bears 3-5 bunches with each carrying hundreds of berries much similar to areca or date palm.

Each acai berry measures about the size of a small sized grape 2-3 cm in diameter. Immature fruits appear dark-green initially, which turn deep-purple upon attaining maturity. Technically, the fruit is a "drupe" which consists of outer-edible pulp (mesocarp) surrounding a large seed (stone). Only this part (mesocarp), comprising only about 10-15% of the berry weight, is edible.

Acai Palm Tree dwarf 3 years old

  • The Acai palm can grow in subtropical to tropical climates.It can grow in colder climates but would need to be sheltered from colder temperatures by growing them in a pot which can work.In subtropical climates they can fruit in about 2-3 years but in hotter climates can take up to 4 years.They grow best in slightly acidic soil and like to have good drainage to perform at their best.