Please note

Our rambutan are grown from seed.

Rambutan trees are Dioecious this means they can either be male or hermaphrodite.

The male tree will not produce flowers that turn into fruit and the hermaphrodite tree produces both male and female flowers and will produce fruit.As they are grown from seed you can't tell if the tree is male or female till it flowers so we sell them in lots of 3 trees so it will increase the chances of getting a tree that does flower.The male tree is not very common but it does happen so by purchasing 3 trees you will definitely get one that does fruit and possibly 3 that will fruit.We have many rambutan trees grown from seed and have not found a male tree yet but it does happen so that is why we sell them in lots of 3.

The Rambutan has a soft hairy like skin with the fruit inside having a soft jelly like flesh which tastes similar to a lychee but are not as juicy and have a more nutty flavour.

3 x Rambutan Tree (red)

  • The Rambutan tree needs a lot of water and a warm humid climate to perform their best.The most Rambutans are grown in Far North Queensland but are also grown down to the sunshine coast and other warmer regions of Australia. They like to have good drainage but can survive some heavy wet seasons even when drainage is not the best.